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Program Brief and Purpose

Our Hoop33 Player Academy is designed as a Basketball Athlete support tool with a heavy focus on individual player development. It is created and delivered with the primary goal in mind of developing athletes in the longer term both on and off the court in a way that fits and supplements the demands and commitments of their School / Club / Professional teams.

12 - 14 Yrs
Junior Academy

14 - 16 Yrs
High School Academy

16 - 18 Yrs
High School Senior Academy

18+ (Out Of School)
Adult & Elite Academy

Training Schedule

Unlimited Access for those on an Academy Membership

Monday to Friday

6am - 8am

Individuals & Shooting Club

9am - 10am

Adult Elite Lift Session

10am - 11.30am

Adult Elite Workout

4pm - 5.30pm

High School Lift Session

4pm - 5.30pm

JNR & HS Basketball Workouts

5.30pm - 6.30pm

Individuals & Shooting Club

6.30pm - 7.30am

Adult Lift Session


8am -11am


11.30am - 1pm

Adult Workout

What is in each session?

Basketball Workouts

Workouts in small groups involving off-court film and on-court skills work

Shooting Club

Dedicated shooting blocks for Academy members to get their reps up. Drills and workons will be uploaded to their App & coaches will be available during these times.


1on1 / Pair sessions for focused athlete development work (included in our +1 & +2 packages)

Lifting Sessions

Our Strength and Conditioning Program for our Academy Athletes.

What sessions are for me?

When you start training with us you will organise a training schedule with our coaches taking into account your current training load. Our schedule runs every day Mon-Fri for all academy athletes so you will be arranging your schedule to supplement your School & Club commitments. This is discussed with your coaches and adjusted at different stages of the season.


Our program comes in 4 packages and is designed to provide high amounts of value and support, but requires a term commitment. It is for Basketball players who want to really get focused and prioritize their development.

Academy Lite


Up to x2 sessions per week

  • Basketball Workouts
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Shooting Club
  • 24/7 Facility Access

Academy Standard


Unlimited sessions per week

  • Basketball Workouts
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Shooting Club
  • 24/7 Facility Access

Academy Plus


Unlimited sessions per week

  • Basketball Workouts
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Shooting Club
  • 24/7 Facility Access
  • Plus 1 individual session

Academy Plus2


Unlimited sessions per week

  • Basketball Workouts
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Shooting Club
  • 24/7 Facility Access
  • Plus 2 individual session


  1. The Academy Membership is an upgrade membership – the member must hold a current Gym Membership. This can be any of the following memberships:
                            1. Standard Gym Membership
                            2. Family Membership
  2. The Academy is a minimum 1month term commitment. Sign ups should assess their upcoming schedule with the coaches and plan their Academy membership around upcoming tournaments and pinnacle events if required.
  3. The Academy does not include special events such as holiday camps, trips to tournaments or other events of the like. It pertains to regular weekly scheduled items only.
  4. The member can place their upgrade on hold for a week in cases of sickness or injury or missed coaching sessions but can not place the their gym membership on hold for these reasons. This applies following the completion of the 1month term commitment.


Every upcoming Basketball player faces constant challenges in their journey such as:

  • Playing for multiple teams with conflicting demands and commitments
  • Facing uncertainties around their minutes or role on the team 
  • Managing the expectations from within themselves 
  • Managing their perceived expectations from others around them 
  • Struggling with a lack of skill, size or athletic ability compared to their peers 
  • Struggles with injury and being away from the game for periods of time

5 Primary Aspects of Player Development

1. Skill Level – The player’s ability to Dribble, Pass, Shoot and play D.

2. Basketball IQ – The player’s ability to understand the strategic workings of the game.

3. Athletic Ability – The player’s relative speed, strength, and other athletic qualities.

4. Mindset – The player’s ability to be fearless, resilient and a great teammate.

5. Uniqueness – The player’s ability to individually express themselves on court.

These qualities are best developed over long periods of time and high amounts of exposure to ALL of the following mediums:

Legitimized Basketball Games
Team Trainings
Individual Skills Workouts
Small Group Skills Workouts
Unorganised Pick up Basketball
The Weight Room
The Film / Whiteboard Room

The more a player can engage in all the above activities the better the basketball player they will become in all of the 5 primary aspects of player development.

Our Academy at Hoop33 focuses heavily on providing activities 3-7, backing the individual player throughout their long-term journey and supplementing and supporting them through their work in their respective team environments. The goal is coming out not only as a great Basketball player, but as a strong and balanced individual

Developing Basketball Skills

Skill development requires dedicated time and repetition – there is no easy way, other than working on your skill A LOT over time. Our program aims to provide our players with a place to put in this time, and the expertise to direct this time effectively. Our methodology places emphasis on 3 key training contexts that allow players to learn, understand and polish skills in layers and make them precise over time.

Context 1: “Technique” aka “Reps”

Where players can at first figure out the technical aspects of the skill they are working, and put in a lot of repetitions towards mastering that skill, without the presence of defence

P7150326-scaled (1)

Context 2: Semi- Live

Practicing the skill against “practice defence” that mimics the game’s position and physicality in an ordered fashion, providing the “feel” of the skill in the game.

Context 3: Live

Working on the skill in a fully live game scenario and understanding how it fits in.


We do this through coached Individual and Small Group skills work-outs as well as a platform of uncoached scrimmages that give players freedom to experiment and be creative with the skills they are training

Developing Basketball IQ

A player’s Basketball IQ can be summed up by their understanding of team concepts such as offensive spacing, strategic actions, defensive positioning and rotations, team roles, time and tempo management, and team based sets and structures

This is developed through two methods…

  1. Playing A LOT of Basketball. The more you play, the more you recognise the patterns of the sport and can start to understand and
    anticipate the game. The more situations you experience and the more you intuitively pick up through sheer experience in the game

2. Teaching & Feedback – This is the job of the coach. Players learn the workings of the game through Whiteboard teaching, on-court walk throughs, on-court feedback and watching film of themselves and others to understand the elements of the game.

A big part of our program is the use of Whiteboard, detailed teaching and feedback on court, along with utilising off-court film sessions in our film room to surround players with mediums in which they can learn the game on an intellectual level which is a huge part of their future success.

P7150536 (1)

Developing Athletic Ability

Strength and Conditioning is one of the most undervalued aspects in a player’s development journey. Through following a structured program every player can improve their

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Ability to pick up skills
  • Durability

This leads towards better results on court in the long term as well as reducing the risk of injuries through better movement mechanics and a player’s ability to control their bodyweight

Our strength and conditioning program is fully integrated with our Basketball program including:

  • Year round Gym Programming
  • Gym workouts guided by our trainers
  • Consistent athlete well-being monitoring
  • Injury rehab assistance
  • Tracking of data pertaining to progressions in strength and fitness levels

Developing the Mindset

Every person who comes through our door we want to connect with and inspire. Our Academy members are our people, and are under our care, and it is our goal to build and steer them towards taking responsibility for their lives, becoming driven, proactive and achieving people who love the process. We do this through pushing the following Aspects / Pillars of a successful person that will not only help them achieve in Basketball, but in all their journeys in life.

Hunter Focus

Being present and focused on the task at hand, approaching your process with precision and professionalism.

Confidence from within

Putting less weight on the affirmation and pleasing of others, and instead using your work and your effort to build a quiet belief from within yourself, truly recognising the small wins and positive indicators that you have as you progress.

Loving what you do

Worrying less about the end result and chasing the big thing down the road, and learning to enjoy and focus on the process of improving and the people you are doing it with.

Building Healthy Habits

Becoming capable of routine, and having discipline with sleep, nutrition, training, being social and other important habits that contribute to staying mentally fresh to chase your goals everyday.

Investing in others

Buying into the journeys of those around you, and forming relationships that are positive and meaningful, letting go of jealousies and seeing everyone  including yourself as people with their own struggles and on their own path.

Understanding your limitations

Learning about your body, and developing an understanding of how hard you can push yourself, and when you need to take time off and rest.

Contending with Failure

Being able to take risks, letting go of the fear of failure while also learning how to respond to failure, framing it positively and source of learning

These concepts are always layered into our training, into our coaching style. We take our athletes through them in workshops, in everyday discussions and we use them to maximise the effect of our drills.

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