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Our story
There are many forms of inspiration in life, motivating you, pushing you towards being the best version of yourself.

 Growing up as a Basketball players, we always found inspiration in many different numbers Р23 for Michael Jordan and Lebron James, 8/24 for Kobe Bryant, 30 for Stephen Curry. It was never about the number itself, but what that number stood for. People who had risen to the top, through struggle, through grit, through resilience. These numbers were beacons of inspiration for us all to aspire to, to chase meaning and purpose in our own lives

The number 33, to us, stands for Dedication. It stands for Family. It is a means for Joy, and a place in which we can Strive to be the best version of ourselves.

It started rooted in Basketball.

Basketball is a vessel to many things in life. It teaches us how to compete, how to win and lose. It teaches us how to strive to improve, chasing mastery doing something we love, how to overcome the micro and macro challenges that arise. It teaches us how to cooperate, to work with others and contribute to a collective that comes together to achieve the same goal. It is through Basketball, that not only do we play the game we love, but we learn the foundational tools that push us forward throughout our lives.

However, these lessons are not limited to Basketball. In fact they are taught through all challenging ventures in life. Challenges in health and fitness, in business, in relationships. It is these challenges that 33, as a community, as a facility, as a program, wants to inspire people to undertake.

We brought together a team of people

all with a passion for helping others achieve their goals.

People with heart, drive and expertise in key areas. This team of people is consistently working towards one collective goal - creating a family community and a home for everyone who is striving towards bettering themselves everyday.

In any journey of self-betterment

the first place to start is building physical health and expanding relationships and that is where your journey with us can start.</p> <p>Come talk to us now!