Develop Your Game

What does Training at Hoop33 Look like?

Skills Workouts

Learn to move like a hooper, hit shots like a hooper, and build a game that is applicable for playing on any team for any coach. We help you assemble your toolbox and teach you how to sharpen your weapons so that you can go out on court and execute at a high level.

Strength & Conditioning

Get into the gym and build your Basketball body. We can teach you and give you the tools to develop a consistent routine in which overtime you can see yourself improve drastically in your speed, strength, endurance, durability and athletic prowess giving you an edge on the court.

Athlete Planning & Mentorship

The athlete journey can be a puzzle sometimes. Get the guidance you need working with our coaches who have been down that road with many players before. They can help you set your Goals and create a plan of attack to reach them getting the details right in schedule management and training prescription while being there through the tough moments giving you the tools and guidance to get through those mental struggles that are all part of the process and learning.