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I have had a passion for competition and Basketball my whole life, taking me on various different journeys in the sport as both an athlete and coach. I love chasing knowledge and creating systems and have a keen interest in people and their psychology. It is my mission to discover how to fully unlock the potential in all of those in my care as a coach and a manager and it is what I spend my time working towards. The purpose behind the 33 business is to help unlock the best of you. To that extent my door is always open to those who want to dive deeper in the realms of Basketball, Sport, Strength and Conditioning, Business, Relationships and understanding the mindset and self-knowledge that can take you to the next level in such fields.



My background is in law and property investment. I started a small Basketball Club called Thunder Basketball in 2016 to open up more opportunities for my son and other kids his age to gain access to the sport and training. I saw the shortfalls in opportunities and wanted to do something knowing how impactful sport can be for kids, so I found a court, and brought on coaches to run the club (including Zac), growing participation over time and developing the kids skills greatly. I’m a terrible volleyball player but always willing to play, a father of 3 children, one of whom is born to be a baller. On the way to becoming a successful father rather than an entrepreneur.



I got into basketball through my kids, and loved helping out with their various school and rep teams over the years. I am so grateful for the huge benefits the sporting community has brought to my own family through friends made, shared adventures, life lessons learnt and the mentorship coaches and trainers have provided so freely. I am excited to now have the opportunity as part of the 33 Team, to help others experience the great things that happen when sport, exercise and good people coincide! I am here to help with all things admin, so if you have any questions regarding our programmes, memberships, or accounts, or have suggestions, feedback, or need to pass on a message please don’t hesitate to contact me.