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Our current schedule - all hosted at our brand new Facility in Wairau Valley. Check out the PDFs Below
Introducing our North Shore based Kids Basketball clubThunder Basketball

Our kids basketball sessions take into account years of experience combined with the latest research on youth sport development, crafting a format for each grade that is the most effective method for learning and ensuring healthy experience on the court. The grades make up a longer term progression, that takes a kids basketball from the introductory phase of enjoying the sport a couple times a week through to truly learning the game if the kids themselves really start to drive their passion for Basketball.

  • Thunder Sessions
  • $ $12-15 Per Session
  • Our junior Basketball sessions run Mon-Fri between 4pm-6.30pm and cover ages 8yrs-15yrs across 4 grades.

    Each grade runs x2-3 times per week

    Session durations range between 1-1.5hours based on Grade

  • Hoop33 Junior Membership
  • $ 15 PER WEEK
    • One Junior session per week (either Basketball or S&C)
    • Additional sessions cost $6each
    • Court Access (only with adult supervision)
    • Contact for more information
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