Gym Trainers


Health and Fitness Manager

I have a deep interest in all things gym/training related. I typically spend most of my time either training people, learning about new training concepts in the office (looking at sub-par memes) or training myself. I also thoroughly enjoy sharing my opinion on any topic on the face of the earth so if you have something you want to talk about, you can locate me anywhere in the facility. Fun fact: I have 5-first names, ask me if you want to find out what they are! My objective for any individual who decides to work with me is to find a clear path towards any goals they may have in the weight room. This includes improving athletic performance, weight loss or weight gain and improving overall wellbeing.


Personal Trainer

Hey my name is Taryn, I have been involved in exercise and sports for as long as I can remember. I was a competitive rower for 8 years then coached rowing for 2 years prior to becoming a Strength and Conditioning coach. I also played netball for 13 years alongside many other sports. I now spend most of my time weight training but love being involved in all aspects of sports and exercise. I enjoy the mental and physical challenges exercise brings and I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. My areas of expertise are general Strength and Conditioning, Weights Training, Individualised Programs, Sports Conditioning (specialised in rowing), Health and Wellbeing.


Performance Coach & Sports Nutritionist

I grew up in the heart of West Auckland where I discovered my love for sport. I continued with basketball, eventually becoming a top NZ recruit for the emerging Junior Tall Blacks before heading to the USA after high school. I always struggled with “what” and “how” to eat like an athlete, and this led to weight management obstacles as I had to stay considerably lean and athletic through the competitive basketball season. It was over in the USA where I found a passion for training and was taught how to eat in order to fuel my body and drive performance, thus creating a pathway for the love and knowledge I developed towards training and nutrition. With over 11 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, I have had the pleasure of working with professional athletes and sports teams to novice trainees of all ages ranging from high school kids to senior citizens. I integrate performance-based nutrition and training programs as I coach you towards your personal goals. My advice to anyone starting out or wanting to change their approach to fitness and nutrition is to stay consistent, trust yourself, be patient, and stick to a routine that is maintainable and allows you to live a positive and balanced lifestyle.


33 Trainer

I was born and raised on Auckland's North Shore. I am currently attending Auckland University of Technology studying a double major of Sport and Exercise Science and Nutrition. Hobbies currently consist of Kayak Fishing and Boxing. Personally I have found an interest in the athletic side of training. Building power and strength through exercises that can translate into your game. Incorporating a range of conditioning methods to get you game ready is also a big focus for me. The longer you can maintain a high level of intensity, the better you can train, and ultimately perform on game day. I love to motivate and guide people towards reaching a higher level, which they might not be able to attain on their own fitness journey - in sport or general fitness.


33 Trainer

I am a Qualified Personal Trainer currently studying a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at Auckland University of Technology. My hobbies consist of Gym and Basketball. I am dedicated to creating a stimulating, enriching and collaborative learning environment that provides a solid sports foundation and a lifelong appreciation of physical fitness. In addition, my experience in coaching and developing effective health and fitness programs will allow you to attain your long-term physical and personal development goals.