Grow your game the right way....

Player Development

To become a complete basketball player
you must spend time out of the team environment and focus on growing your individual game.

During our training sessions our coaches will take the time to get to know you, assess where you can improve, then guide you on your path to improving your game. At Hoop33, we aim to develop your skill, your basketball IQ, your physical abilities and your mental game, building your game and your confidence over time.





Skills Work

Developing one’s skill takes time, patience and dedication. We have all the tools to teach any player how to grow their bag from their finishing package, shooting technique and handles, through to how to move effectively on defence. The key to improving skill is being consistent with the process and taking every opportunity you can get to work on your game, building your bag over time with attendance, repetition and coaching, all of which we can provide.

Players can gain access to the following opportunities to improve their skills

  • Group Workouts
  • Private Trainings
  • Basketball Runs
  • Academy experience
  • Freedom to get in and work themselves
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Athletic Development

Every Basketball player benefits greatly from getting in the gym and putting time into their bodies. It is within this setting you can improve your athletic ability in your speed, strength and explosiveness, as well as developing the durability to reduce the risk of injury and improve the longevity of your career. Under our guidance players can gain access to:

  • Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  • Individualised training programs
  • Guidance on load management, scheduling and recovery
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Mindset through Mentorship

A trend among our team of coaches is the investment in an athlete as a person. It is our passion for people that drives us and the reward that comes with seeing people achieve their goals. Engaging our services means you will have the support round the clock to help you:

  • understand and conquer challenges
  • Stay driven through failure seeing the bigger picture
  • Embrace the wins and see the next level
  • Prioritize good habits
  • Grow as a person beyond the basketball court
  • Develop a confidence that unlocks the best of you

Our team and our culture is a support system to every Basketball player so please do not hesitate to come see and get to know us – we are here for you!

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Building Basketball IQ

The rabbit hole that is the game of Basketball runs deep. While it can be boiled down quite simply at times, there are in fact, a large variety of factors that are constantly at play determining how a game may play out. We help our players learn the game on an intellectual level, ingraining knowledge in the way of:

  • Tactical actions and defensive adjustments in the team setting
  • How skill integrates with the tactical side
  • Psychology of team dynamics
  • Playing the game not just for yourself but for your team, not matter the role

Our trainers will always be working through these aspects with you during individual and group workouts, by analyzing game footage with you providing detailed feedback and having long form discussions with you diving into the details of what you are seeking to understand. We help you develop your basketball IQ because at the end of the day smart basketball players make great team mates and can fit in on any court.

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Private sessions with our trainers are available for between 1-8 people and open to any age group or skill level.