Basketball players aren’t born, they are made at the home for Hoopers.

Hoop33 Basketball Services

Build your game the right way
Basketball players aren’t born, they are made at the home for Hoopers.

Engaging with our basketball services on Auckland’s North Shore means gaining access to a team that is dedicated to helping you develop as a basketball player. Hoop33 provides a holistic program in which you can improve your mindset, skills, athletic ability, basketball IQ within a supportive culture which values improving one’s self in all areas of life.

We believe developing these four aspects of your game combined with hard work and consistency will make you the best basketball player you can be. All our services from scrimmages to our vast array of training and learning contexts will target one or more of these aspects, every single time you take part.

Areas to focus on

In order to improve you need to be engaging regularly in the following activities:

Film analysis and study
Group training sessions
Organised team basketball
Individual/pairs/small group training sessions

with your own trainer

Athletic development

including foundational movement training and strength and conditioning training

Pick up basketball games

where you can incorporate your new skills in a dynamic environment

The Hoop33 program provides you with the opportunity to access all of these services on the North Shore through a dedicated team of coaches and trainers who will stop at nothing to help you push forward with your game.

When you engage us we look out for you – ensuring we get you into the right grade, with the right trainers, strategically targeting the aspects of your game that need the most focus in order to make leaps and bounds ahead of where you were.

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