About us

A home for Hoopers
Who are we?

Basketball is a vessel to many things in life. It teaches us how to compete, how to win and lose. It teaches us how to strive to improve, chasing mastery doing something we love, how to overcome the micro and macro challenges that arise. It teaches us how to cooperate, to work with others and contribute to a collective that comes together to achieve the same goal. It is through Basketball, that not only do we play the game we love, but we learn the foundational tools that push us forward throughout our lives.

Basketball has always been our game

As a kid, striving to become good at something, figuring out who we are as people, making new friends and being constantly challenged by our coaches. Having no other choice than to get better at the task at hand.

We grew older and basketball was still there, driving us to get better at the sport we love, while juggling other commitments like studying hard for our future careers and creating relationships that will be with us for a lifetime.

As an adult, building our career, always learning, expanding our knowledge and skills in life, family and basketball.

Now as a parent, watching the next generation follow in our footsteps, playing the game we love and sowing the seeds of success in their own futures on and off the court.


is our love letter to the Hooper within us all

It is the platform that allows us to become all we can be, it gives us the push, the individual freedom and the knowledge to succeed on the court. And through succeeding on the court – together we take our game, and we take ourselves, to higher levels.


A home for hoopers

Join us on our journey to becoming better players and people no matter which life stage or skill level you are currently at.