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Cost 247 Facility Access Individualised Program Regular Checkins 1 PT Session pw Benchmark Testing
Gym Membership $15 pw - - - -
Purchased Program $40 for 4 weeks - - -
Guided Training System $50 pw -
Guided Training +1 $80 pw
  • Purchase a Training program
  • $ 60 | 110 | 150 4 WEEKS | 8 WEEKS | 12 WEEKS OF PROGRAMMING
  • Individualised program to give some direction to your training. Talk to our professional trainers about what you would like to achieve and they can create you your own program and put you on the right track to achieve your goals.

    *This is for people already independently comfortable with the gym, and are looking to get some specified adjustments to their training in pursuit of their individual goals. For those looking for guided support for their training please view our Training Membership. 

  • 33 Guided Training Membership
  • From $ 50 PER WEEK
  • Our guided training program is a great way to get integrated into the weight room and work towards more specific goals. It runs in a group workout setting with 1 coach to up to 6 people following a long term focused program that will help you achieve your goals and build good habits and routine that enhances your life. 

    It functions on monthly cycles of 4-5 weeks that begin at the start of each month. Each month our participants will have their progress checked and programs updated and advanced.

    • 24/7 Gym & Court Access
    • Full access to our professional trainers
    • Your own personal training program
    • Coached Group Workout Sessions
Guided Training System

At the 33 gym, each individuals improvement is a team effort. It is important to us that we use our training to build relationships and support each other through culture and community as we strive to achieve our goals. This gives us a new level of inspiration, motivation, enjoyment and accountability.

The foundations of the 33 gym services are all centered around our training programs – designed to help you achieve your goals through the following training principles:


Progressive Overload




It is our plan to guide you in the long term whether your training age is young or old. Our programs will progress you over time according to your achievements and objectives.
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Programs Examples

8-12 week program designed to introduce you to the weight room, learning movement and lifting weights with the correct technique and intention that will make you stronger and move better. Great for people who are first timers / beginner level. 

Body Transformation

A 12-16 week program designed to help you put on the muscle, cut down on fat and change your body composition. For those interested in getting into good shape through to those interested in bodybuilding.

Triphasic - Sport

A 12 week program – this highly regarded method of training is a 3 phase systematic approach to improving strength and athleticism. Great for those who play regular sport and want to improve their performance and durability on the court or field.

Force-Velocity Balance - Athlete

A continuous optimization program based on the latest research in athlete performance training. This program has the highest level of individual specificity and is designed to make very specific improvements for increased sports performance, taking into account an athletes ability to work through both maximum force and high velocities and everything in between.

Starting one of our programs is a commitment to yourself which we want to support and guide you through as much as we can and our trainers are committed to being there with you as you go.
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As part of our Guided Training System,
you will receive...
  • The Training program.
  • Written guidelines on how to complete the program along with links to how to perform the exercises.
  • Nutritional guidelines and advice to help you plan the way you eat to make your training as successful as it can be.
  • Our training schedule for when you can work on the program with our trainers guiding you.

You will also be added to our Facebook/Instagram training groups with other people who are working towards similar goals. These groups will be a place you can ask questions of others including our trainers, get support from those in the same boat and also organise with others to hit the gym and work together.

Make a difference in your life. Make a difference in your training. Get started on one of our training programs now!